How to Study-Practice: Micro-Lessons

piano-ology-how-to-study-practice-micro-lessons-featured-photo-by-irena-carpaccio-on-unsplash Photo by Irena Carpaccio on Unsplash

Short and sweet mindsets for cultivating productive study-practice habits…

Did you know… that you play the piano with your BRAIN? - frank j peter
You know you know it when you can SING it! - frank j peter
You are too good to merely practice. You have to STUDY!!! - frank j peter
We don’t forget things that we UNDERSTAND. - frank j peter
The primary obstacle to mastery is not lack of talent, but attachment to unproductive practice habits. - frank j peter
Did you know… that STUDYING makes you smarter? - frank j peter
Stop wasting precious time by “practicing” things you already know how to play. - frank j peter
Wanna get good? Replace your short list of BAD habits with a short list of GOOD habits! - frank j peter
Quality first… Quantity second. - frank j peter
The Cycle of Motivation: Which comes first, effort or results? - frank j peter
You don’t get good by practicing HARDER. You get good by practicing SMARTER. - frank j peter
Practice S-L-O-W-L-Y enough to play accurately… with correct notes, logical fingering, and good rhythm. - frank j peter
One reason I play music is to discover my limits… so that I can transcend them. … and realize that they weren’t limits after all. - frank j peter
Music that is merely “memorized” is at risk of being forgotten. - frank j peter
If at first you don’t succeed, do indeed try again, but. try again in a different way! - frank j peter
Wanna remember something? Make it memorable! - frank j peter
Fuzzy conception… fuzzy performance. Crisp conception… CRISP performance! - frank j peter
When you practice wrong things the wrong way, learning is slow & insecure. When you study-practice right things the right way, learning is fast & enduring. - frank j peter
Did you know… that it takes far less time to practice GOOD habits than it takes to practice BAD habits? - frank j peter
Difficulty “remembering” a piece of music means I never learned it properly to begin with. - frank j peter
Exercising makes your muscles tired… Studying makes your brain tired. If you want to get good, you don’t need to exercise... You need to study! - frank j peter
Mastery is largely about discovering SIMPLICITY in apparent complexity. Once you see the simplicity, you realize that complexity is just an illusion. - frank j peter

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