How to Study-Practice: Habit Formation

piano-ology-how-your-brain-works-habits-featured-image-by-oberholster-venita-from-pixabay Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

Every thought, belief, and action that you repeat over and over again turns into a habit… an unconscious, automatic behavior…

Fundamentals of Habit Formation

Habits are stored in long-term memory.

  • Long-term memories can be permanent, so we need to be very careful what we store there.
  • Whether your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are useful or not, you deeply and unconsciously remember what you repeat.
  • Bad habits are hard to break because long-term memories are hard to erase.

Developing Good Habits

Never think, believe, or act without understanding.

Like an innocent child, you must always ask: “Why?”

Continuous self-assessment and open-minded skepticism will serve you well. Ask yourself:

  • Am I thinking about this in a way that makes sense?
  • Are my beliefs congruent with reality?
  • Am I behaving in a way that is constructive?

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