How to Study-Practice: ABC View of Learning

piano-ology-how-your-brain-works-the-abc-view-of-intelligence-featured-image-by-gerd-altmann-from-pixabay Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

One way to view intelligence is to divide it into three domains: affective, behavioral, and cognitive

The ABC Model of Intelligence

The Affective Domain is the realm of feeling: emotions, attitudes, values, and motivations.

The Behavioral Domain is the realm doing: bodily actions and skills.

The Cognitive Domain is the realm of thinking: language, definitions, concepts, associations, and calculations.

This “ABC model” validates our intuitive notions of self as consisting of body, mind, and spirit.

Learning Defined

Let’s continue by asking “What is learning?”

Learning is a change in how you feelthink, or act as a result of some kind of experience.

Importantly, Piano-ology is designed to routinely tap into all three of these fundamental, complementary aspects of our being as we acquire new attitudes, skills, and knowledge.

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