Gospel School: Walk-Up V to I

music notation for gospel piano walk up from a g chord to a c chord

An essential gospel piano skill is to walk the V chord up to the I chord in 3/4 time…

Everybody’s gospel bag should include walk-ups and walk-downs that connect the “big three” chords (I-IV-V) to each other. Such walking patterns are a great way to keep the time moving, to build momentum, and to create a strong sense of forward motion and anticipation.

Walk-Up V to I

Walk Up connecting the G chord (V) to the C chord (I) in the key of C…


Study-Practice Notes

  • Don’t fuss about what the chords in between G and C are called. Just notice that they form a simple linear pattern using the notes in the major scale!
  • Notice that only the inner voice moves in the right hand.
  • Notice that the inner voice is always played in diatonic thirds above the bass.
  • Using your knowledge of chords and scales, work this pattern out in all twelve keys.

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