Gospel School: The Gospel V7 Chord


A definitive harmonic device used in Gospel music is the unique voicing of the V7 chord…

For the sake of comparison, here is the “classical version” of the V7 chord used in so many kinds of music…


And now, the Gospel version…


Study-Practice Notes

  • Conceive of the Gospel G7 chord as an F major triad in the right hand with a G in the bass. For this reason, it is often notated as F/G.
  • The left hand is almost always as an octave for a full sound so typical of gospel.
  • Do not use brute force memorization. Internalize the pattern by sound, visio-spatial keyboard, and physical execution using pattern appreciation. The pattern is straightforward: Left Hand = chord root in octaves, Right Hand = Major triad whose root is a major second below.
  • Practice this chord voicing in all twelve possible spellings.
  • Notice the most curious absence of the leading tone B, which is otherwise so essential to defining a V7 chord. Don’t try to explain it. Just enjoy it!

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