Gospel School: Country Gospel Waltz

piano music notation for country gospel waltz

Welcome to the country gospel waltz, a delicious mixing of two home-spun and uniquely American musical genres…

Notice the extensive use of octaves, triplet pickups, walk-ups, walk-downs, and Floyd Cramer licks… all definitive features of the country gospel style…


Practice-Study Tips

  • Memorization“: Don’t merely “memorize” this. Use your knowledge of chords and scales to discover the very simple patterns. Notice, for example, that all the repeated notes are either “the 1” or “the 5” of the chord, that the walks are all scale-wise, and that all the triplets are the “2-3-1” of the prevailing chord.
  • Interpretation: Don’t overplay the triplets. Think unhurried and understated. They are embellishments, not infrastructure.
  • Technique: As always, allow gravity to do the work.

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