Frequently Asked Questions

piano-ology-faq-featured-image-by-gerd-altmann-from-pixabay Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What would you like to know?

What kind of piano do you recommend buying?

I would never recommend a specific make or model of a piano to anyone, but I will tell you what to think about when shopping around.  LEARN MORE… Buying a Piano

How long does it take to learn to play the piano?

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This is a trick question, of course. It takes a heartbeat and a lifetime, just like learning a second language. You can enjoy speaking a new language immediately without knowing the grammar: Uno, Dos, Tres, Si, No, Hola, Muchas Gracias. But the expression (fluency) and understanding (comprehension) of more complex ideas requires a deeper commitment than merely mimicking or memorizing a few useful phrases. Expanding fluency and comprehension will always be a life-long endeavor. The answer also depends on how you define “success”. The wise person knows that success is found in the journey, not the destination. Joy and relief ensue from recognizing that you will always be a novice!

What is the best time of day to study-practice?

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Some people say that morning is best because your brain is clear just after sleep. Others say that just before bedtime is best because sleep is the best memory consolidation time. It is better to worry about the quality of study and study when you have the love of music in your spirit and the energy and discipline to do it right.

Why don’t you have MIDI files on the website?