Emotional Preparation: Dreams

piano-ology-emotional-preparation-dreams-featured-image-by-bettina-nørgaard-from-pixabay Image by Bettina Nørgaard from Pixabay

No matter how rich or poor my genetic and environmental endowment, I can be genuinely happy and successful only if I embrace the following beliefs and ethics…

  • Everyone has talents.
  • Every talent is valuable.
  • A “big” talent does not make me better than others… and a “small” talent does not make me less.
  • Having a talent does not make me important… My value as a human being is what I choose to do with my talent.
  • Happiness ensues from using my talents in service to others.
  • Service to others is an essential ingredient of authentic dreams.
  • Large or small, what matters is that they are my dreams… dreams that flow naturally from my core values, not material ambitions.
  • Success has far more to do with opportunity and hard work than any inborn “talent”.
    • Opportunity is something to be grateful for.
    • Talent can be developed by hard work.
  • The obstacle to success is not lack of talent… The obstacle to success is lack of an authentic dream.
  • An authentic dream (the “big” thing) will propel me to do the “small” things everyday.
  • If my dream is authentic, it will pull me towards it… teaching me, giving me courage, enabling me to persevere through every obstacle (and there will be many).
  • In pursuit of that dream, I will discover many latent talents in the process.
  • My dreams unlived will be a source of frustration until I act to make them a reality.
  • So, what am I waiting for?

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