Ear Training: Triads


Learning Goal: To recognize the unique sound-feeling of each of the four triad types: major, minor, diminished, augmented…

This downloadable study consists of dozens of MP3s compressed into a single *.zip file. Simply download, unzip, create a playlist, set to random play, and do ear training on the run!

Each mp3 follows the same sequence:

  1. A random triad is played.
  2. Identify it by type: major, minor, diminished, augmented
  3. After a short pause, the correct answer is given.

Listen to an example:

As you do these, keep the following in mind:

Unlike absolute pitch, relative pitch does not require any special talent. Relative pitch awareness is a learnable skill, available to anyone who studies and practices the right way.

Successful ear training is not the fruit of trying to hear something. It is about being receptive to the sound/feeling you are experiencing and then associating that sound/feeling with something you already know–in this case the names of the triads.

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