Blues School

Learning Outcomes

The Blues” has been and continues to be a potent influence on an incredible range of musics: rock, jazz, folk, soul, gospel, country, pop and beyond. Here you will learn some definitive blues vocabulary (bass lines, comping patterns, and right hand licks) in a variety of styles that you can mix and match to develop your own unique style. Enjoy!

Links to Lessons

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  • Comping Pattern #1
  • Comping Pattern #2
  • Comping Pattern #3
  • Comping Pattern #4
  • Ear Training: Major Blues Harmony
  • Minor 12 Bar Blues Form & Harmony
  • Mixolydian Scale-Chords
  • Repeated Notes
  • Grace Notes
  • Duplet Riffs
  • Triplet Riffs
  • Triplet Runs
  • b3-b5 Licks
  • Tone Clusters
  • Glissando
  • Horn Splats
  • Tremolos
  • Crossover Licks
  • Third Phrase Licks
  • Pickups
  • Intros
  • Turnarounds
  • Endings

Study Aids (links temporarily down during website move)

  • Practice Tracks: Slow Blues
  • Practice Tracks: Shuffle
  • Practice Tracks: One Chord Vamps