Blues School

Learning Outcomes

The Blues” has been and continues to be a potent influence on an incredible range of musics: rock, jazz, folk, soul, gospel, country, pop and beyond. Here you will learn some definitive blues vocabulary (bass lines, rhythms, comping patterns, and right hand licks) in a variety of styles that you can mix and match to develop your own unique style. Enjoy!

Links to Lessons

Blues Rhythm

Blues Form

Blues Vamps

Blues Scales

Comping Patterns

(Some of the following links are temporarily down as Frank upgrades the images and audio. Stay tuned for frequent updates over the course of June & July!)

  • Grace Notes
  • Repeated Notes
  • Tone Clusters
  • Duplet Riffs
  • Triplet Riffs
  • Triplet Runs
  • b3-b5 Licks
  • Tone Clusters
  • Glissando
  • Horn Splats
  • Tremolos
  • Crossover Licks
  • Third Phrase Licks
  • Pickups
  • Intros
  • Turnarounds
  • Endings

Study Aids (temporarily down for upgrade)

  • Practice Tracks: Straight Time Blues
  • Practice Tracks: Slow Triple-Feel
  • Practice Tracks: Blues Shuffle
  • Practice Tracks: One Chord Vamps
  • Practice Tracks: Two Chord Vamps