Composition & Improvisation: Micro-Lessons

piano-ology-composition-and-improvisation-micro-lessons-featured-image-by-jlg-from-pixabay Image by JLG from Pixabay

Short and sweet insights into the true nature of Composition & Improvisation

The methods of any creative endeavor are quite ordinary: WORK & PLAY.  - frank j peter
Successful music-making is the inevitable REWARD for studying & practicing the right musical stuff the right way. - frank j peter
Improvisation, at its best, is a very personal expression within a collective tradition. - frank j peter
Learning how to improvise takes no more talent than, but no less effort than, learning a second language. - frank j peter
RHYTHM… the most underappreciated organizing force in music-making. - frank j peter
Don’t get distracted by each and every note… Play the idea! - frank j peter
Improvisation, at its best, is a collaboration between structure & freedom. - frank j peter
“Don’t be thorough; Be memorable!” - Michael Callahan
Learning how to improvise teaches you a ton about HOW MUSIC WORKS! - frank j peter
Mastery of music, like the mastery of life, requires both initiative & surrender!  - frank j peter
Learning how to improvise teaches you how to “speak” the language of music. - frank j peter
CREATIVITY isn’t just for “creative” people. - frank j peter
Isn’t creating music infinitely cooler than consuming it?  - frank j peter
“Inspiration is for amateurs.” - Chuck Close
“Perfection is not when there is no more to add, but no more to take away.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
There’s a lot less “improvising” going on when you “improvise” than people think. - frank j peter

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