Composition & Improvisation: Case Study: Part 24 of 24: Add Ending


A common practice is to add a few extra bars at the end of the form in order to signal a crisp and clear sense of closure…

A standard idea is to “turnaround” to the V7 chord and to postpone full resolution of the melody for a few more bars. Notice how the extra four bars fits with the established melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic flow of the piece…


This brings us to end of our case study. I hope that this series helped to demystify the process of creating music. In one sense, it is utterly simple. All you need is a bit of knowledge (of scales, chords, chord progressions, etc), some insight into how music works, and the curiosity of a child playing with building blocks of sound. In another sense, the subject is so vast that it will challenge every composer and improviser for a lifetime!

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