Learn to think about, hear, see, feel, study, and practice chords like a real musician!

  1. Why Study Chords?
  2. Melody & Harmony
  3. Chord Structure: The Number System
  4. Intervals
  5. Ear Training: Intervals
  6. Triads
  7. Ear Training: Triads
  8. 7th Chords
  9. Ear Training: 7th Chords
  10. Power Chords
  11. Voicing
  12. Inversion
  13. Consonance & Dissonance
  14. Teaching Quiz: Major Triads: Spelling
  15. Teaching Quiz: Minor Triads: Spelling
  16. Teaching Quiz: Dominant Seventh Chords: Spelling
  17. Teaching Quiz: Major Seventh Chords: Spelling
  18. Teaching Quiz: Minor Seventh Chords: Spelling
  19. What other kinds of lessons would you like to see? (Please comment below!)