Chords: Voicing

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A C Chord could not make much music if we were only allowed play the notes 1-3-5 in closed position…

A wide variety of musical effects can be realized by the vertical arrangement of notes in a chord. This is called chord Voicing.

C Major Triad Voicing Example #1

Bass note stationary, while right hand chords change shape and the top note moves to create a melody of chord tones…


C Major Triad Voicing Example #2

Two notes in each hand┬álike the voices in a four part choir, giving a full, open sound…


C Major Triad Voicing Example #3

Notes spread out in the left hand, providing a gentle harmonic pillow and lots of space over which your right hand might play a beautiful melody…


C Major Triad Voicing Example #4

A big four note chord in the right hand and a low booming octave in the left, perhaps an exclamation point at the end of an heroic classical piece or rousing show tune…


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