Chords: Triads


Triad is just a fancy name for a three-note chord…

Let’s check out the four most commonly-encountered triads: major, minor, diminished, and augmented…

Major Triad

  • Chord symbol: C
  • Chord structure: 1-3-5
  • Character: consonant, happy, light, heroic.

Minor Triad

  • Chord symbol: Cm or C-
  • Chord structure: 1-b3-5
  • Character: consonant, sad, heavy, brooding.

Augmented Triad

  • Chord symbol: Caug or C+
  • Chord structure= 1-3-#5
  • Character: dissonant, mystical, dreamy, otherworldly, atmospheric.

Diminished Triad

  • Chord symbol: Cdim or C°
  • Chord structure: 1-b3-b5
  • Character: Dissonant, tense, anticipatory.

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