Chords: Consonance & Dissonance


Consonance is the state of harmony that sound-feels stable, settled, resolved, and free of tension…

Dissonance is the state of harmony that sound-feels unstable, unsettled, unresolved, and full of tension.

There are many flavors of, and degrees of, consonance and dissonance.

Here are three examples that will whet your appetite for continuing your study of chords…

Consonance, an Example…


Dissonance, an Example…


Consonance or Dissonance?

Consonance and dissonance are relative terms. Not only are there degrees of consonance and dissonance, but there are plenty of gray areas where one person’s consonance may be another person’s dissonance.

Here’s a deliciously ambiguous example…


Consonant? Dissonant? Why quibble?

Experience, learn, and enjoy!

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