Chord Progressions


The study of Chord Progressions is essential to understanding how an enormous amount of music works…

  1. Why Study Chord Progressions?
  2. Chord Function
  3. Roman Numeral Analysis
  4. Voice Leading
  5. Major I-V7-I Theory & Ear Training
  6. Minor i-V7-i Theory & Ear Training
  7. Pedal Point
  8. Borrowed Chords
  9. Secondary Dominants
  10. Chord Inversion & Bass Melody
  11. Stationary Harmony, Moving Bass
  12. Sus4 Resolved to Major Triad
  13. Sus4 Resolved to Minor Triad
  14. Sus2 Resolved to Major Triad
  15. Sus2 Resolved to Minor Triad
  16. Major Add2 (Rootless) Resolved to Major Triad
  17. Minor Add2 (Rootless) Resolved to Minor Triad

Study Aids

Check out the Study Aids page on the main menu for tons of multi-media resources that will help you study-practice your chord progressions!