Chord Progressions: Why Study Chord Progressions?

Studying Chord Progressions–by ear, intellect, eyes, and muscles–is essential to understanding how an enormous amount of music works…

The time and energy spent study-practicing Chord Progressions the right way…

  • Elevates your music reading from “painting-by-number” to deep understanding.
  • Facilitates “memorization” when building your repertoire.
  • Sharpens your visio-spatial awareness of the keyboard.
  • Develops your piano technique.
  • Transforms your aural comprehension when you listen to music.
  • Expands your ability to play by ear, not by trial and error.
  • Broadens your vocabulary for improvisation.
  • Enables you to transpose like a pro.

And as your network of harmonic understanding grows, you will discover that many pieces that seem very complex on the surface are based on very simple harmonic ideas. And you will come to appreciate both the simplicity and creative genius behind the music you have come to love.

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