Time & Rhythm


Time & Rhythm

Learning Outcomes Welcome to the grossly under-appreciated subject of musical time and rhythm, which encompasses a wide variety of subjects: pulse,


Time & Rhythm: Micro-Lessons

Liberate your body’s natural ability to express itself by embracing these insights into the true nature of musical time and


Time & Rhythm: A Two-Fisted Study in Paradiddles

This very special rhythm illustrates the profound value of chunking in order to simplify both the mental conception and physical expression


Time & Rhythm: A Two-Fisted Study in 6/8 Time

6/8 Time is more than six equivalent pulse strung together. 6/8 time defines a recurring pattern of two “3-nesses” in


Time & Rhythm: A Two-Fisted Study in 4/4 Time

4/4 Time is more than four equivalent pulses strung together. 4/4 time is built upon two “2-nesses” in a row, where