How To Play Like an Artist

Learning Goals To play with musical phrasing To learn how to go beyond just playing the correct notes. Links to Lessons The Source (The Concept of Musical Mind) Theory & Practice An Introduction to Phrasing Listening “Inside” a Single Note Chunking & Continuity Articulations: Legato, Staccato, Portato Play Something! Connect With Your Audience Micro-Lessons Stay tuned

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How to Read Music

Learning Goals To go beyond reading music notation to the realm of comprehending music like a musician, not a robot. Why Learn to Read? Playing by Number Music as Language The UN-Musical Way to Read Music  A Better Way to Read Music The Musical Way to Read Music An Example of Expert Music Reading Music Notation The

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Performance Anxiety

Links to Lessons Symptoms Taming the Stage Fright Monster Alternative Diagnoses What Causes Stage Fright? The Proving Ground A Meditation on Gratitude A True Story The Hobgoblin of Perfection A Word about Beta Blockers Good Humor The Mind-Body Connection Stream of Consciousness The Problem with Don’t The Power of Positive Thinking The Inquisition Super-Fast Relaxation Techniques

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piano-ology-how-to-study-practice-featured-photo-by-ian- dooley-on-unsplash

How to Study-Practice

Learning Goals Applying the lessons learned in Emotional Preparation and How Your Brain Works, we are going to learn how to study-practice music the right way. It is critically important that you fully understand the simple, but powerful, concepts presented here for at least two reasons. First, they will instill study-practice skills/habits that will transforming endless frustration into

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How Your Brain Works

Learning Goals Isn’t it curious (and so very unfortunate) that we all go to school for years and years without ever learning how our brain, the very organ that we are trying to change in the process, works? It is no wonder that piano lessons (and education in general) are often synonymous with drudgery and frustration.

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Emotional Preparation

Learning Goals Cultivate healthy emotional attitudes towards music-making and life. Realize that our attitudes and habits, more than our natural talents, determine how successful and happy we are. Profoundly understand the power of self-fulfilling prophecy. Links to Lessons What is Smart? Talent: Myth & Reality Do You Have What it Takes? Who’s the Best Piano Player

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