Jazz School

Learning Outcomes Learn to play Jazz Piano in a variety of authentic styles. Links to Lessons (Most links are down pending a major content upgrade, but check back often for updates!) Introduction to Jazz Everything Frank Thinks He Knows About Jazz in Fifteen MinutesHow to Use these Studies || How NOT to Study Jazz ||Lead Sheets

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Jazz Chord Voicings: Dominant 7, add #9

For a dissonant edgy sound, drop the 5 and play the two definitive tones (3, b7) plus “the #9”. Notice that “sharp 9” is the very same note as “flat 3”. The distinctive major-minor harmonic tension between the natural 3 (major sound) and flat 3 (minor sound) gives this voicing some real teeth in down and dirty

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Jazz Chord Voicings: Dominant 7, add 13

For an open “fourthy” sound, forget “the 5” and play the two definitive tones (3, b7) plus “the 13″(6)… Homework Use your ears and knowledge of scales and chord structure to “transpose” this voicing to all spellings in three musically-useful patterns: Chromatically Ascending: C > Db > D > Eb > E > F > Gb

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