How to Study-Practice


How to Study-Practice Scales: Scales as Chords

You are going to discover and rediscover that scales and chords are intimately inter-related. Knowing your chords helps you know


Scales: How to Study-Practice: Performance

Never, ever play scales as mere “exercises”, like mindlessly lifting weights or doing jumping jacks. This is not good preparation


How to Study-Practice Scales: Solfege Ear Training

Reading and singing the Solfege syllables out loud is an extremely effective way to internalize the unique sound-feeling of each


Scales: How to Study-Practice: Literacy

The ability to comprehend music notation as more than just a jumble of meaningless dots is a huge advance in


Scales: How to Study-Practice: Introduction

A scale is so much more than a row of notes to be mindlessly and mechanically played up and down

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How to Study-Practice: Before You Begin, a Meditation

Let’s adjourn the series on How to Study-Practice with a meditation in gratitude, a virtue that should permeate each and every one