How to Read Music

How to Read Music: The Musical Way

Although the direct mapping approach in a “Better Way to Read” is a vast improvement over the “read and name

How to Read Music: A Better Way

A better way to read music is to directly associate each dot on the page with its respective key on

How to Read Music: The UN-musical Way

Let’s pretend that our teacher puts the following music in front of us and asks us to play… Being a

How to Read Music: Music as Language

Knowing your ABCs is not enough if you want to write poetry. In fact, knowing your ABCs is not enough if


How to Read Music: Playing by Number

Unfortunately, most people start and end their musical lives by being taught the abstract, left-brain subject of music notation without ever


How to Read Music: Why Learn to Read?

Pure and simple, learn to read so that you can read to learn… learn more… Playing by Number