How to Read Music

How to Read Music: Note & Rest Durations

Commonly-used note and rest durations for your information.  Don’t fuss to much about this as the moment, as we are


How to Read Music: Sharps, Flats, and Naturals

Consider the note G above middle C. Any note head that falls on the line named “G” will be a

How to Read Music: Lines & Spaces

The notes are named by using a simple pattern of horizontal lines and spaces as follows:

How to Read Music: G-Clef & F-Clef

The Grand Staff consists of an upper staff and a lower staff. Each staff consists of five lines and four

How to Read Music: The Grand Staff

Piano music is usually written using something called The Grand Staff. The Grand Staff is a set of concise and elegant


How to Read Music: An Example of Expert Music Reading

Let’s revisit the first four bars of Bach’s immortal Minuet in G and explore the variety of ways that an