Blues School: Boogie Woogie Comping Pattern #1

First in a series of “bread & butter” Boogie Woogie comping patterns…

This pattern consists of the “double chop” in the left hand with the “the b3 resolved to 3 thing” and “1-3-5>1-4-6 thing” in the right…

Performance Tips

(1) Don’t forget to swing the 1/8th notes (anywhere between straight 1/8th and a shuffle, depending on the tempo, your mood, and the groove you want to establish)
(2) Don’t be in a hurry.
(3) 0nce you establish a groove and your phrasing, stay with it!
(4) The rhythm is embedded primarily in your arm choreography.
(5) Play the downbeats deeply.
(6) Don’t be shy. Play like you mean it!
(7) Don’t try to play legato. Play each note slightly disconnected with a wee bit of percusiveness.
(8) Don’t try to count or force the in-between notes. Just let them fall naturally into the groove.
(9) The 1/8th note rests are as important as the notes.
(10) No flams!!! (make sure both hands are perfectly synchronized)

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