Blues & Boogie Woogie School

Learning Goals

  • To master commonly-used blues forms
  • To add standard comping patterns to your repertoire
  • To understand the big three blues rhythmic “feels”
  • To add some tasty blues and boogie licks to your bag.

Links to Lessons

Blues Rhythm

Blues Scales

Blues Form & Harmony

  • 12 Bar Minor Blues Form & Harmony – The First Lesson (in development)
  • 12 Bar Minor Blues Form & Harmony – Variation #1 , #2, #3, and more!

12 Bar Major Blues Form & Harmony, Commonly-Used Harmonic Variations (Video)

Blues Vamps

Blues Comping Patterns

Blues & Boogie Woogie Licks

(Some of the following links are temporarily down as Frank upgrades the images and audio. Stay tuned for frequent updates)

Study Aids

(temporarily down pending website upgrade)

  • Practice Tracks: Straight Time Blues
  • Practice Tracks: Slow Triple-Feel
  • Practice Tracks: Blues Shuffle
  • Practice Tracks: One Chord Vamps
  • Practice Tracks: Two Chord Vamps

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