Blues & Boogie Woogie School: Duplet Riff #3

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This idea plays the exact same pattern (5-6-1) over all three chords…


Download Hi-Res PDF of Score

learn more… Triplet Riff #1



  1. I’d like to hear you play the piano – nothing fancy just something you love to play. I’ve had three music teachers and I only heard the 2nd one play. I’m loving all your lessons – especially how to practice. Those five simple ideas that make or break you. At age 72 I’ve discovered, on my own, not to always start at the beginning and practice each hand separately. It’s the rhythm part that I struggle with – see I can’t even spell it correctly – Thank God for spellcheck! I don’t have decades left – where can I hear you play? If you sound like I want to play then I’ll donate weekly. I just don’t want to sound like the organ player at the skating rink!

    1. Thanks for the most kind words, the good humor, and for asking to hear/see me play, Lyndell!
      I have only two public sources at this point in time (a bit dated as I have greatly elevated my game since, but they give you a reasonable idea of where I am coming from musically):
      1. https://piano-ology.com/meet-your-teacher/
      2. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Gi5nGbiinIw&list=PL7BA2FF54FE421354 (see entire playlist)
      So, if I pass the audition, what are your musical interests and what do you have in mind?
      Thanks and peace,
      PS. You have inspired to upload some performance videos to my YouTube channel… some jazz, classical, boogie woogie, blues, ragtime, and rock… a mix of covers and improv.

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