Blues & Boogie Woogie School: Comping Pattern #2

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A bouncy, two-fisted groove that works great at medium to fast tempos…

walking bass in straight time while your right hand plays the chords on all in-between all the in-between beats in shuffle rhythm.

Piano-ology Blues and Boogie Woogie School Comping Pattern

Download Hi-Res PDF of Score

Study-Practice Notes…

  • Technique: Never throw your hands at the keys. Use a prepared attack and let gravity drop the weight of your arms/hands/fingers into each chord with just enough support to keep your hands and fingers from collapsing.
  • Rhythm: Don’t try to count the time in your head. Feel the groove in your body!

Watch on YouTube!

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      1. I have been playing 8 yrs on the piano , I just read sheet music now I want to play by ear ,looks like I can pick this up with work , I play up to 5 to 7 hours a week when I am not working I pl practice up to 15 hours a week plus 3 years ago I got a hammond organ no one here were I live but its coming along on the organ by my self., trying to play gospel, I can read it but just sitting down and playing is work.

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