Aural Comprehension: The What and Why of Ear Training

Why Ear Training? Isn’t it so much more fun, natural, and satisfying to play what you are hearing and feeling than to play what you are merely thinking?

To that end, Ear Training is the process of teaching our brains how to listen to (perceive) and study (conceive) musical sounds like a musician. It is largely the process of marrying [right-brain] experience with [left-brain] knowledge that goes something like this:

  1. Listen to a musical “something”.
  2. Pay Attention to the sensory-emotional experience of that “something” in a way that discriminates it from other musical “somethings”.
  3. Associate that sensory-emotional experience (that we can never fully put into words) with existing knowledge. Existing knowledge may include theoretical understanding and practical skills that we have previously internalized (notes on a page, keys on the piano, scales, solfege, chords, chord progressions, or any other musical pattern).

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