The Way of Mastery

piano-ology-about-the-path-of-mastery-photo-by-alexander-milo-on-unsplash Photo by Alexander Milo on Uunsplash

Music-making is an infinitely fascinating art form that has the power to both frustrate and delight every aspect of our human nature…

Music study, done right, challenges us to discover and develop all of our sensory, perceptual, intellectual, intuitive, kinesthetic, creative, emotional, and expressive resources. In fact, the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from stepping up to meet these challenges is part of the allure of being a musician.

Here are some thoughts about the breadth and depth of this wonderful journey…

Mastery is a process, not a destination. No matter how accomplished one might be, there will always be another challenge on the horizon. And what a joy it is to continue expanding one’s sphere of knowledge and practical skills in pursuit of one’s unique and honorable goals, opening new doors to higher states of being and experiencing this mysterious and fabulous universe.

Learning to do anything of value is not easy,
but learning, done right, is a joyous process of DISCOVERY
that builds confidence and becomes its own reward.

Mastery does not grow by using the brute force of your brain and muscles. Mastery grows from having the right attitudes and practicing the right habits. Mastery grows by being curious, by studying the right things the right way, by being receptive to new ideas, and by making connections to things you already know. Most important, mastery grows by refusing to give up when you feel stuck or when things seem impossible.

True education is more than informational.
True education is TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Mastery is not something you carry with you like a diploma. Mastery is an enduring and expanding aspect of who you really are. Along the way, you will begin to experience those magical moments when your true self spontaneously taps into your deep understanding and artistic sensibility and performs without thinking.

There is no such thing as overnight SUCCESS.
Genuine accomplishment always requires love and work.

Mastery is a road paved with two rare virtues: honesty and discipline… HONESTY about one’s weaknesses and the DISCIPLINE to work relentlessly in order to turn those weaknesses into strengths. As such, mastering the piano is really all about mastering “the self”… a self with its baggage of ignorance, denial, laziness, doubts, insecurities, preconceptions, self-consciousness, and fear.

If you study the right things the right way,
you should not expect to make mere incremental improvement.
You should expect to make monumental BREAKTHROUGHS
QUANTUM LEAPS in knowledge, wisdom, insight, and skill.

Congratulations! If you’ve read this far, you’ve already passed the audition! It shows that you have what it takes: the love of music… and the uncommon sensitivity, intellect, passion, discipline, and courage to make it a meaningful part of your life. Enjoy the process!!!

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