Rock School: Famous Keyboard Parts: “The House is Rockin'” Piano Solo

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Enjoy this study of one of the shortest and sweetest rocking piano solos ever: Reese Wynan’s solo from Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “The House is Rockin”, employing some staples from the boogie and blues vocabulary…

This lesson comes in four parts: Frank playing, Frank’s Transcription, Study-Practice-Performance Notes, and a Choreography Video. Let’s go!

Frank Playing…

Frank’s Transcription…


Study-Practice-Performance Notes

  • Yes, I played the entire solo in one hand! If playing solo, feel free to add your own left hand, but if playing with a good band, your right hand alone is quite sufficient and appropriate.  Adding noise in your left hand tends to just muddy the sound.
  • This is in Rockabilly, a direct descendant of Blues and Boogie Woogie. How many bars? Twelve, just like 12 bar blues! It sound s bluesy, of course, but it is the straight eighth (as opposed to “shuffle”) rhythm that defines it as rock and roll.
  • Rhythm tip: Don’t let your left hand sit around doing nothing. As you play with your right hand, use your left hand to clap time in your lap. Notice how this really tightens up your sense of time.
  • This may look very complicated on the surface, but the ideas are quite simple and essential parts of the enduring blues, boogie woogie, and rock vocabulary.
  • Using both your ears and your knowledge of scales and chords, study it until you hear and understand its essence and enjoy the results!

Choreography Video

Is anyone interested in a how-to video demonstrating the technique and choreography for playing this with freedom and ease? Comment below!


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