Jazz Chord Voicings: Dominant 7, add #9

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Eighth in the series of commonly-used chord voicings for a C Dominant Seventh chord…

Drop the 5 and play the two definitive tones (3, b7) plus “the #9″(b3). Notice that “sharp 9” is the very same note as “flat 3”. The distinctive major-minor harmonic tension between the natural 3 (major sound) and flat 3 (minor sound) gives this voicing some real teeth in down and dirty Blues, Rock, and Funk contexts…


(If you need a refresher on chord structure: Chord Structure: The Number System)


You still have HOMEWORK to do: Using your knowledge of scales and chord structure (and your ears of course), transpose these voicings to all twelve keys (recommended sequences: chromatically ascending, chromatically descending, and around the dominant cycle). In doing so, you are going to build an enormous chord vocabulary that integrates the aural, visio-spatial, kinesthetic and lays a solid foundation for fluent improvisation.

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