Country School: Two-Step Comping Pattern #1

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The first in a series of definitive country two-step comping patterns for your consideration. Enjoy!


Study-Practice Notes

  • Form: The most common country song form: 16 bars long, where each 16 bar chorus is divided into two 8 bar phrases, and where each 8 bar phrase is typically sub-divided into two 4 bar phrases.
  • Pattern Recognition: Chord root on beat 1 & chord 5 on beat 2 in your left hand, triads “strummed” on the up-beats (1&) and (2&).
  • Rhythm: Feel this in “cut time”, two beats per measure: 1-&-2-&-1-&-2-&-etc.
  • Performance: Imagine that your left hand is the bass player and your right hand is the rhythm guitar. Relax into a deep, unhurried groove that makes people want to dance the two step!
  • Feedback: Don’t forget to record yourself. Does the recording sound like what you intended to play?
  • Technique: There is never any need to throw your hands at the keys. Use a prepared attack and simply allow gravity to drop the weight of your arms, hands, fingers into each note or chord.
  • Extensions: Using your knowledge of chord theory, play this pattern all keys you want to master (Suggested keys, those preferred by guitar players, are C, G, D, A, E).

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