Piano Technique: Five Note Left-Right Independence Studies

Here is a series of simple five note studies that are a great way to test and develop independence between your left and right sides, as well as a great study in dynamics and articulation. Enjoy!

These may seem very hard, if not impossible at first, but don’t give up. You will master these if you persevere!

Pattern #1. Both Hands Legato, Medium Loud



Pattern #2. Both Hands Legato, Right Hand Loud, Left Hand Soft


Pattern #3. Both Hands Legato, Right Hand Soft, Left Hand Loud


Pattern #4. Both Hands Staccato, Medium Loud


Pattern #5. Both Hands Staccato, Right Hand Loud, Left Hand Soft


Pattern #6. Both Hands Staccato, Right Hand Soft, Left Hand Loud


Pattern #7. Right Hand Staccato, Left Hand Legato, Both Medium Loud


Pattern #8. Right Hand Staccato & Loud, Left Hand Legato & Soft


Pattern #9. Right Hand Staccato & Soft, Left Hand Legato & Loud


Pattern #10. Right Hand Legato, Left Hand Staccato, Both Medium Loud


Pattern #11. Right Hand Legato & Loud, Left Hand Staccato & Soft


Pattern #12. Right Hand Legato & Soft, Left Hand Staccato & Loud



About Frank J Peter

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!
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