Time & Rhythm: A Two-Fisted Study of a Repeating Pulse

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This study is not a trivial as you might think. The ability to play a simple repeating pulse musically should be taken quite seriously as it establishes a firm foundation for all your playing, no matter what the meter. Let’s go!

If you haven’t done so already, watch the following video that explains how to do these two-fisted, clapping time in your lap studies for maximum benefit…

Pattern: Repeated pulse, Hands Together (@60, 100, 140, 180 BPM)…


Pattern: Downbeats Left, Upbeats Right…


Pattern: Downbeats Right, Upbeats Left (mirror image of the above)…


Watch Frank model how to play-study-practice the patterns above…

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  1. Frank, you seem like an absolute top bloke and I hope you know that everyone who looks through your website feels the same way. I am a young man who was never provided a good music education and I decided that I am fed up with not understanding something so beautiful and intrinsic to our lives despite my family’s belief that I have no talent.

    But you are right, ‘talent’ doesn’t matter and rhythm is more than a metronome, it is how we experience time.

    The way you explain the process of engaging with music as a body and mind experience resonates with me (it is just completely true) and I feel encouraged that I will make progress without crutches.

    I hope to repay your noble efforts with the the refinement of the skills I am struggling to obtain and a donation as soon as I can afford it. Keep it up!

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    1. Oh what joy your most kind words of appreciation and encouragement have brought to me this day, Jarrod! It gives me the deepest satisfaction when artists like discover my work and resonate with the message I am trying to share. All the best to you in music and life, my friend. Peace.


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