Composition & Improvisation: Analysis & Synthesis

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In true art, the larger subject and the details are inseparable threads in the same fabric…

Enjoy this portrait of Roy Lichtenstein by Chuck Close (who happens to be “face blind”)…


Two Big Lessons:

  • Details have meaning only the larger context they serve.
  • Beware any theory that analyzes music (or anything else) to the point where it cannot be put back together again.




  1. Indeed, Paula. In fact, it is quite possible to become so “theory-happy” that one becomes deaf and blind to the real music. At some point one has to abandon the need to EXPLAIN everything and to simply allow the concrete reality to speak for itself. This is also why I strongly suggest… after they grasp the fundamentals of scales, solfege, chords, chord progressions… that everyone go right to the kinds of music they want to play for their study-practice material. Cheers!

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