Scales: C Minor Pentatonic

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As the name suggests, the Minor Pentatonic Scale has five notes… another existence proof that scales are not made up of “half-steps” and “whole-steps”.

C Minor Pentatonic Scale: Notation & Keyboard Layout…



Play and notice the simple, primitive minor quality of the Minor Pentatonic Scale.

Comparative Scale Study: All five notes in the Minor Pentatonic Scale are used in the Minor Blues Scale. Don’t try to “memorize” this fact, but do realize how much certain scale types have in common. For extra credit, you might also notice that C Minor Pentatonic is a mode of Eb Major Pentatonic and vice versa.

Ear Training

Reading and singing the Solfege syllables out loud is a very effective way to internalize the unique sound-feeling of each note in a musical scale. Reminder: It is absolutely essential that you sing these out loud… and to play and sing slowly enough to allow the unique sound-feeling of each solfege syllable to make an impression on your mind’s ear.

C Minor Pentatonic Scale: Linear





C Minor Pentatonic Scale: Do-X-Do





Tip: Many other patterns are possible as well, but at this point your time is better spent going right to the kinds of music that YOU want to play for your study-practice material.


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