How Your Brain Works: The Computer Model Myth

Let’s dispel a widespread and extremely poisonous myth about your brain. Your brain is nothing like a computer. In fact, your brain is unique in all the universe.

Unlike a machine, it has dreams, hopes, fears and regrets. And buying into the myth that your brain is like a computer is a huge mistake that creates all kinds of problems… problems that will cause you no end of unnecessary suffering.

If you study music (or any other subject) as if your brain is like a computer,…
… you will study the wrong way.

And because you study the wrong way,…
…you will not make much progress.

And because you won’t make much progress,…
…you will conclude that you do not have what it takes…

And you will simply give up in frustration.

But you are not untalented or stupid. You have just been misinformed about the true nature of your brain and, consequently, have been taught to use it the wrong way.

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About Frank J Peter

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!
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