The Road of Mastery

Music is an infinitely fascinating and elusive subject that has the power to frustrate and reward every aspect of our human nature. Music study challenges us to tap into and develop all of our sensory, perceptual, conceptual, intellectual, intuitive, kinesthetic, creative, interpretive, reflective, experiential, emotional, receptive, and spiritual resources. The deep enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from stepping up to meet these challenges is part of the allure of being a musician.

Excellence is a process, not a destination. No matter how accomplished you are, there will always be another challenge to frustrate you now and delight you later. Living by embracing new horizons is always a joyous adventure. Such a musical journey is an ever-expanding sphere of healthy attitudes, meaningful ideas, practical skills, and honorable goals -- earning you privileged access to higher and higher states of being and meaningful ways of experiencing this mysterious and fabulous universe. Lived as such, life cannot help but be more exciting, fun, and rewarding than you ever imagined.

Mastery does not grow by using the brute force of your brain and muscles. Mastery grows from having the right attitudes and practicing the right habits. Mastery grows by being curious, by studying the right things the right way, by being receptive to new ideas, and by making connections to things you already know. Most important, mastery grows by refusing to give up when you feel stuck or when things seem impossible.

Mastery is not something you have to remember. It becomes an essential and permanent part of who you are. If you study the right way, you will begin to experience magical moments when your true self spontaneously taps into your understandings and artistic sensibilities and performs without thinking.

If you are a piano player, count yourself among a rare breed indeed. Piano players are among the most well-rounded people there are... possessing uncommon sensitivity, intellect, passion, discipline, courage, and perseverance. If you’ve read this far, congratulations! It means you’ve already passed the audition!  It shows that you have the love of music, the will to study, and the desire to be the best you can be.

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