Piano-ology Links to Lessons

This page singles as a lesson plan, doubles as a study guide, triples as a music mastery checklist, and quadruples as a roadmap for navigating the depths of Piano-ology. Enjoy!

Course Outline

I. Pre-Music Preparation

Here you will acquire the attitudes and knowledge that are so essential for becoming an expert learner. This is required reading for all students and is intended to be studied in the order shown.

II. Musicianship

Here you will discover the knowledge and develop the skills necessary for becoming a well-rounded musican. They are intended to be followed loosely in the order shown.

III. Schools of Music

Here you will delve into particular genres of music, each with its own style, vocabulary, definitive patterns, and challenges. You can start here at any time, but much of the material requires certain prerequisites of musicianship.

IV. Special Topics