About the Library

Piano-ology is more than a collection of music lessons...
It is a holistic journey that celebrates life, freedom, love, work, and human potential.


Piano-ology is the distilled compendium of knowledge and wisdom gleaned from one man's intensive and ongoing search for freedom and self-expression. Calling Piano-ology a collection of "lessons" does not do justice to the breadth and depth of the experience. Piano-ology is an extensive (and growing) multi-media library of knowledge, insights, and learn-by-doing studies that will show you exactly what skills are important to your development as a musician. More important, Piano-ology will explain why they are important and show you how to study them the right way, a way that quickly leads to mastery by tapping into all aspects of your being.

Piano-ology demystifies the many things that make music seem so hard. Mastering music is not that hard. It is certainly not the kind of hard that people think. Piano-ology will immerse you in a process that aligns your thinkings and feelings with reality. In doing so, we will reveal the well-rounded and confident piano player that is already inside you. Ultimately, Piano-ology will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to be your own best teacher!

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